Romain Darnajoux

Romain Darnajoux

Postdoctoral Research Associate

158 Guyot Hall
Washington Road
Princeton NJ  08544
(609) 258-1052 (Tel.)
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Romain Darnajoux did his undergrad in France, where he studied biological and geological science. After a MSc. in chemistry, Darnajoux traveled to French Canada where he obtained a Ph.D. in biogeochemistry. During his graduate studies, Darnajoux became very interested in understanding the role of the alternative nitrogenase in the environment. After spending five years studying metal homeostasis in the lichen symbiosis and the nitrogen cycle in the boreal forest of eastern Canada, he now also wants to extend his work on other environments, in order to obtain knowledge on various biogeochemical systems. In the Zhang lab, Darnajoux will mainly conduct research on the role of alternative nitrogenase in coastal environment sediment. He is also affiliated with the Pr. Lutzoni from Duke University with whom he will continue working on the lichen symbiosis.


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